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What makes us special?
For more than two decades, Robinson Expeditions team discover, plan and materialize active trips in most parts of Greece’s mainland and islands. Although we have reached a position that enable us to offer a big variety of programs and to handle a large number of travelers, our philosophy for high-standard services has not changed. It is the base on which we operate our trips and maintain our top quality as a travel agency.


Choosing a destination in combination with the trip itinerary is the key for successful holidays. Our interest in choosing an ideal destination for our potential clients targets areas which have not been altered by massive tourism and still hold all these elements that make Greece one of the top traveling destinations. Local traditions, Mediterranean cuisine, warm hospitality in combination with a unique natural environment are the key ingredients that make our destinations so successful over the years.
Robinson Expeditions’ trips are designed in such a way in order to “capture” the best of every end. Our groups, limited in size are escorted by enthusiastic and experienced trek leaders that show you Greece’s hidden treasures.
Our services also include a full program of activities specially designed for corporate environment capable to improve delegation, boost productivity motivation and improve the spirit of cooperation among colleagues.

Robinson Expeditions programs are separated in two categories in order to help you choose the trip that is right for you. You can choose your holidays by destination or go to the second category in which we separate the programs in those you can do by yourself (self-guided tours), escorted tours and last but not least tailor-made trips created and materialized by us for people that for any reason are not covered by our fixed pre-departure tour dates.

Self-guided Programs
In this category you will find programs specially designed in such a manner that you can choose the date that fits you and allows you to do it on your own pace and without the presence of a mountain guide. Robinson Expeditions staff handles your accommodation, luggage transportation, meals, your transfer from and to the airport and supports your tour with maps of the area you visit, detailed information of the routes, cultural and historical details, foot notes, etc.
Self-guided programs are recommended only for people that have previous experience with individual tours on a similar terrain and/or have extended experience as hikers, know how to read a map and are able to navigate themselves.

Escorted Programs
Programs that belong in this category are materialized with the assistance and knowledge of an experienced mountain guide and are for people who prefer the safety and knowledge of their trek leader. Trekking tours are also a part of escorted programs since they are more physically challenging and require technical knowledge in contrast to hiking trips.

Tailor–made programs
Pick your own date and add as many days and activities as you wish choosing from hiking, rock-climbing, canoeing, mountain bike and rafting. We will take care of the rest!

Choosing the right trip
Provided that you are reasonably active and in good health or even if you decided to choose active holidays for the first time, you will be able to find a trip with Robinson Expeditions that suits you. For those who never experienced active holidays before we recommend one of our escorted programs. If adventure is in your nature then you will certainly find a challenge here!
In order to make the most of your holidays it is crucial to choose a program that fits your physical condition and your capabilities. Our programs are graded from easy to difficult plus and are explained below.

Programs with this level of difficulty are appropriate for people with small or no experience in hiking. These tours are suitable for those who love the outdoors, wish to know in depth the area they are visiting and are interested in history and local traditions. These programs are also ideal for families with young children.
Programs in this category are addressed to reasonably active people. Longer distances are apparent in the itinerary; the maximum altitude is 2.500 metres and the maximum daily hiking time is up to 6 hours.
These programs are for people who are in very good physical shape and love good adventure. In this category the itineraries include hiking up to 3.000 metres, total distance covered up to 200 km., possible camp in the wilderness and maximum walking hours per day up to 8.
These programs are for people who are in very good physical shape and have experience in mountaineering. In this category the itineraries include hiking up to 3.500 metres, total distance covered up to 230 km., possible camp in the wilderness and maximum walking hours per day up to 10.
For these programs you have to be in excellent physical condition and prepared for the difficulties of a mountain expedition.

- Rafting and Canyoning are operated under the international regulations.
- For rock climbing the regulations of U.I.A.A on safety are followed.