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Konstantinos Vasileiou

Konstantinos was born in Ioannina and from a young age he found interest in climbing and sea sports. He is a former sea diving instructor in the Greek Navy with a profound love for all sports that require a close contact with the nature’s forces. Konstantinos obtained his Guide’s diploma in France. After having led many high mountain treks in the world, he decided years ago that it was time to create Greece’s first active holiday company. Being very successful since, Konstantinos always find pleasure in discovering new and exciting routes in the Greek mountain areas for his clients.



Michalis Vasileiou
UIAGM Mountain Guide

Michel was born in Ioannina and obtained his degree in Medicine in Padova, Italy. His love for the mountains won him over and besides practicing medicine as a surgeon, he is a professional mountain guide, member of the UIAGM, who has climbed and trekked in most of world’s highest mountain ranges.
Since 1994 he runs the First Aid station in Vasilitsa ski center and supervise the safety on the slopes.
Michel particularly likes mountaineering ski and rock climbing and spends most of his time in expeditions in high mountains, leading treks and teaching mountain sports like rock climbing, mountaineering ski and canyoning to young people.



Karolos Merlin

Karolos Merlin or Charles how he’s English friends call him was born in Austria 40 years ago from an Austrian mother and a Greek father of English origin. He has lived in Austria until the age of 7 and then moved back to Greece to live here ever since. Only a few years he was moving with he’s wife back and forward to Germany until they decided to settle in Athens and Tinos on the Cyclades with their daughters.
He has been a trekking leader to the Greek countryside for over 15 years and spends most of the season trekking and attending two holiday homes in Tinos. Native speaking combining two mentalities, middle European and Mediterranean, he works his way through the Hellenic culture and every day life. Among other his interests are Mountain Biking, Photography, Digital Mapping and Graphic Arts.



Eleni Lousi

Eleni was born and raised in Volos, a small city in the foothills of Pilion. She was introduced to the joy of hiking and skiing at an early age. For years she dedicated herself in sea skiing where she won the Greek Championship and also with swimming and rowing. She studied English Literature in the University of Athens and she worked as an English teacher. Her affection for nature and culture drove her into a different career path. She started her training as an assistant mountain guide and for the past few years she shares her love and knowledge of the Greek history and local traditions with people who visit the country. She lives in Athens with her companion and their two boys.



Makis Logiotatidis

Licenced Ski Instuctor and member of the Austrian Federation of Ski Instructors of Saltzburg (Salzburger Berufschilehrer Verband)
Licenced mountain Guide of the Austrian Federation of Mountain Guides (Salzburger Bergfuehrer Verband)
Makis works as a trekking leader the past 6 years leading trekking groups in both Pindos and Olympus area. He has graduated from the school of mountain guides in Saltzburg (Salzburger Bergfuehrer Verband) and has cooperated with leading tour operators in Greece and abroad. He speaks English and German and among his interests are photography, history and mountain sports.
He began to work professionally with mountain activities from 1999 working as a ski instructor in children’s academies of Thessaloniki Mountain Club in Seli ski center. In 2001 he attended the Saltzburg ski school for instructors in Kaprun, Austria working in the same time on the slopes of Obertauern. He reached the second level as a Landeslehrer and from 2004 and onwards he lives and works as a ski instructor in Vasilitsa ski center.



Katerina Vasileiou

Katerina was born in Ioannina in Epirus region. She attended 2 years courses in the American College of Greece, Deree and continued her studies in the University of Wales, Swansea where she graduated from the Department of Social Studies.
Her love for nature and culture determined her career choice and since 2005 she works in Robinson Expeditions on the logistics and materialization of the programs offered.



Leuteris Krommidas

Leuteris was born in Ioannina on February 2, 1981. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Athens’ University of Agronomics with specialization in food technology. In Aegean University he obtained his post-graduate degree in environmental and ecological engineering. He has taken part in a research program on molecular biology
He speaks English, Spanish and French and worked as a coordinator in environmental projects in Iceland in 2007.
He has obtained his beginner’s diploma in mountaineering and rock climbing from the Ioannina mountain club. His hobbies are music, cycling and herb reconnaissance.