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Dear Travellers,
I have always enjoyed good adventure with respect for nature and local traditions. The thought of creating a way to share this feeling with people from all over the world was a dream of a lifetime, but it was only in 1982 that I was able to found Robinson Expeditions. Since then, our main idea of showing another way of living, closer to nature with all its miracles and with respect for Greece's cultural and historical heritage, has not changed.

Since the foundation of Robinson Expeditions we cooperate with foreign tour operators in most European countries and the US that share our common goals and aspirations: Creating trips for travellers and people who seek something different in their holidays, away from the modern way of life and massive tourism.

I am proud of our efforts to preserve all these years our ideals and high standards, promising that we will keep on providing high quality services to those who pursue a different way of life, off the beaten path.

I will be glad to meet you in person, to show you Greece’s hidden treasures!

Kind regards,
Konstantinos Vasileiou




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